Hearing Care

joeOur sense of hearing is something that is not given much attention. We tend to take it for granted. However, when we encounter problems related to hearing, we realize the mistake we have committed. Prevention is always better than cure as hearing loss can be difficult to treat and sometimes, even impossible. It is in your hands to ensure that you do not end up facing this problem. There are some rather simple steps that you can take to protect your sense of hearing.

Keep your blood circulation optimal

It is advisable to engage in exercises such as walking and cycling. This ensures that optimal blood is supplied to the ears, which does wonders for your hearing. While cycling, you need to wear a helmet as a fall while cycling can lead to a concussion, which can harm your hearing as well.

Take a break

If you work in a place that is surrounded by loud noise, it is advisable to step out for a while every hour to give a break to your ears. The same should be done when you are in a noisy surrounding such as a club or stadium.


It is quite common to feel discomfort in your ear when the plane drops in elevation. At such times, activities like yawning and swallowing can equalize the pressure of the eardrum. You can also use a nasal spray or decongestant before descent so that this is not something that you have to be worried about.

Use earplugs

Earplugs can be quite beneficial in protecting your hearing. Using them, you can protect your ears against loud machinery noises and other similar sounds. You would not have to face any difficulty in getting your hands on an earplug as it is available everywhere with ease.

Keep volume levels normal

If you have a habit of listening to music with earphones, it would be a better option to switch to headphones. They provide you better sound quality and that too at a lower volume. Ensure that you do not opt for a high volume and do not forget to take a break every hour. While listening to music in an enclosed space, it is advisable to turn the volume down.

Keep your ears dry

Bacteria thrive in moisture and thus, attack the ear canal. Therefore, ensure that you keep your ears dry. Dry them properly after bathing or swimming and remove all the water thoroughly.

Removal of excess wax

A certain amount of wax is required in the ear for protection. However, if you think there is an excess of wax in your ears, you should remove it with the help of an earwax removal kit every other night.


There are some medications which are ototoxic and can lead to hearing loss. If you are taking any medications and encounter any such side effects, contact your doctor at the earliest.

Using these simple measures, you can ensure that hearing loss is not a problem that you have to face.

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