SEO Edmonton Services – Good or Bad?

joeIf you often hire SEO experts from various companies, you might be able to tell whether the company you’re connecting with is right for you. However, if this is the first time that you are outsourcing SEO, it is better for you to know a few things in advance so that they can help you identify the company you will take services from. It will be beneficial if you already have some extra information regarding SEO so that you can show the firm during the negotiation that you’re not clueless and you know how things work. Here are some signs that might help you recognize the true identity of a company. If you ever noticed these signs in any company you reach out to, run far away from it and let others know too.

1. It makes huge but unachievable promises

Surely, every person who lies makes big promises and never fulfills them. It’s the same with these SEO companies. If you ever hear any SEO company saying that it will form X backlinks from PR2+ websites or promises links based on PageRank, try to stay away from it as it is lying.

seoIf you’re wondering how we know whether the company is lying, let us tell you that it’s been two years since Google has discarded PageRank, which makes it totally unreliable. You might see PageRank in some unreliable toolbars and the SEO company may say Google hasn’t removed it yet, but it hasn’t been updated in many, many years. Besides, Google has made an official announcement that it has eliminated it soon so that people won’t get confused. Therefore, the next time you come across a company that makes empty promises based on PageRank, it is better for you to ignore it and include it on your list of evil companies.

2. You came to know this company through a spam email

If you were approached by an SEO company with a spam email, it is not the right one. Well, this is common sense; since these firms are unable to get a high ranking on search engines, they try to get clients through other inappropriate ways. They simply send thousands of spam emails, hoping that they can fool a few beginners who will believe them. Once you hire an SEO expert from such a company, it uses the same techniques to optimize your website, which violates Google’s guidelines. If you don’t pick your company carefully, it will end up damaging your online position.

3. The content these companies produce is only for search engines

One of the greatest tricks that these people do is that the content they write is not for the general public but for search engines to help you get a ranking. Instead of making beneficial changes and alternations to your already written content, they edit it in such a way that it brims with keywords, which is another kind of spam. Always remember that if you stuff your site with keywords, it may get penalized.


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